Today was published new preprint about study of Quaoar-Weywot Kuiper belt binary.

Authors of this work is Wesley Fraser, Michael Brown from California Institute of Technology.

They report about WFPC2 observations of the Quaoar-Weywot system with WFPC2 of Hubble space telescope. From these observations they find that Weywot is on an elliptical orbit with eccentricity of e = 0.14±0.04, period of T = 12.438 ± 0.005 days. Scientist find, new estimated size, a diameter for Quaoar of D = 890±70 km and density to be ? = 4.2±1.3 g/cm3 – possibly the highest density in the Kuiper belt. This fact may indicate what Quaoar have collisionally origin, or what this object may formed more closely to the Sun.

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