Within the bounds of ROCOT project, on April 6 and 7,  I was obtain observations of the P/1999 XN120 (Catalina). This short-period comet last observed on March 30 2000.

In the field of view I detected new unknown object, which moved parallel to predicted motion of  P/1999 XN120 (Catalina). All astrometric measurements from two nights was sended to MPC. After what, I receive answer from B. Marsden:

The observations on the two nights are mutually inconsistent with their being P/1999 XN120.

Proceeding from this opinion letter, I can state a fact what P/1999 XN120 (Catalina) at this time have magnitude less than 22.1m (with predicted magnitude about ~19.3m).

This observations obtained on Tenagra observatory with the 0.81-m f/7 Ritchey-Chretien telescope.

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