During the last several days, participants in the T3 Project, search for comets in the asteroid population, Raoul Behrend, Geneva Observatory, and Hidetaka Sato, Tokyo, Japan, discovered cometary activity in two asteroids having cometary orbits – 2002 VP94 and 2010 WK. This information was confirmed by several observatories taking part in the project, including the ISON-NM Observatory. All data was sent to the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams,  CBAT. December 27th the former asteroids received comet designations P/200 (LINEAR) and P/2010 WK (LINEAR). Both comets have short perioids (7.89 and 13.75 years) and small inclinations to the axis of the ecliptic.

This discovery is a good example of coordinated and goal-directed work of amateur astronomers from around the world.

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