As the head of the ISON Project and the ISON-NM Observatory, I wish all the readers of our site a happy new year! I want to wish you all happiness and success in the coming year, 2011!

I want to present the basic results of the past year; more details will come later – January 13, 2011 will mark half a year for our observing program. In that time hundreds of new objects have been discovered, one of which is the Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) 2010 RN80, but the biggest discovery was the first Russian comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin). Tens of thousands of measurements of thousands of minor Solar System bodies were sent to the Minor Planet Center (MPC).

At the observatory we have begun to use new software, the programming complex CLT for image processing and ACP+ACPS for effective operation of the remote observatory.

There has been significant growth in the visitors to the observatory site; in December there were a record 2550 unique visitors, with 4000 actual visits. The international popularity of the site is particularly gratifying.

We await new and interesting discoveries in the coming year!

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