Centurion-18 / ISON-NM

January 13, 2011 marks the half-year point for the ISON-NM Observatory surveys. During this time over 75,000 measurements have been made on nearly 20,000 objects. Over 200 new main-belt asteroids have been discovered; hundreds of lost objects have been recovered. In September of 2010 at the observatory the first NEO was discovered, and about 3 months later the first Russian comet, C/2010 X1 (Elenin).

In 2010 the ISON-NM Observatory became one of the ten most productive observatories in the world by quantity of small solar system body measurements. It remains essentially an amateur observatory. In the current year we plan to cross over the line of 150,000 observations a year, and of course we await the most interesting discoveries!

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