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Detailed statistic for all (re)discovered objects on our observatory

Since this month we will have the complete statistics from the Minor Planet Center about all discovered or rediscovered object on the our observatory.

Detailed statistics are available on this page.

MPC statistic for February – March 2011

The new monthly MPC circular released – MPC 73987- 74324.

ISON-NM statistic for the previous month (February 16 – March 14):

Number of measurements: 15279

Measured objects: 3743

Discovered objects: 108

Sky coverage: 480 sq. degrees

Observing nights*: 20

* – include partial nights

Site transfer completed. Welcome!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

The site moves to the new hosting

We transfer our blog to another hosting. Blog will be reopen in few days.

The website marks it’s first anniversary!

On March 20, 2011 the website marked its first anniversary. During this time the site has come a long way – from hundreds of visitors per month to thousands of visitors a day! You can see the statistics on the number of guests and visits on the histogram at left. Most of those visitors to the site have come searching for the truth about Comet Elenin, and this is the place where new objective data about the comet is regularly published. There is less than half a year until perihelion, and only 7 months left before closest approach to the Earth. I am sure that the number of guests to the site will continue to grow, and we will delight in new interesting discoveries and interesting information about our common home – the Solar System.

Leonid Elenin

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