At the moment, the comet is just getting to the area of maximum concentration of Main Belt asteroids, but already now, with the help of the program ArtemisSIMULATOR, we can find several close approaches over the course of 3-4 days. All the approaches are calculated on the basis of a nominal orbit.

Thus, March 31, Comet Elenin passes 1,366,500 km (0.009 AU) from asteroid 2001 SC155. On the same day, nearby, at a distance of 1,255,000 km (0.084 AU) and 1,365,500 km (0.009 AU) it encounters another two asteroids – 2005 NF30 and 2007 FR10 respectively. The closest approach will be April 2 – the comet and asteroid 2001 WA49 will pass by each other at only 335,500 km, which works out to 0.87 LD (the average distance from the Earth to the moon)! Unfortunately, it will only be possible to see the close passage in images taken by the largest telescopes. The brightness of asteroid 2001 WA49 will be 21m.

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