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The cloud of fragments remaining from comet Elenin has been detected

After many attempts to find any remains of Comet Elenin, they have been located. The first message came from Ernesto Guido, Giovanni Sostero, and Nick Howes. On their images, a small extended cloud with low surface brightness was visible. This cloud is easily seen on Ronald Ligustri’s image which can be seen at left. During […]

Comet Elenin disintegrated

Based on the first images of the comet Elenin after its exit from the conjunction with the Sun, we can tell what comet mostly disintegrated. Maybe we can still observe  swarm of comet’s debris. On the left you can see possible position of this “cloud”. Brightness of this object does not exceed 18m, which means […]

Real facts about comet Elenin

At this moment the comet disintegrated into a large number of small fragments, which we may be able to see with the large telescope at the early October; The fragments of the comet did not change it path and will be flying by orbit of the comet, i.e., not will come to the Earth closer than 35 000 000 km; Currently the comet Elenin is not visible on the images from the SOHO and STEREO spacecrafts; Comet visible on images from the spacecraft STEREO-B […]

Will we see a comet Elenin on SOHO images?

Since September 23, the comet Elenin may be visible in the field of view of spacecoronagraph C3, installed on the spacecraft SOHO. As  comet disintegrated or still disintegrating, there is a strong likelihood that we did not see anything or see it, but only after post processing of the original images (I recommend not work with JPG files, to avoid possible artifacts). On images comet will move from left to right, “under” the Sun. It may be seen as a fuzzy, hardly visible […]

The first radio observations of comet Elenin

American radio astronomers report that did not detect any water coming from any remains of comet Elenin. Amy Lovell observed it for 7 hours on Sept 7 using the Green Bank Telescope (it is not yet in the Arecibo declination window) and did not detect any OH line above the noise level of 2.4 mJy. This puts a limit […]

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